Institute of International Affairs

The research project Reclaiming Liberal Democracy in the Postfactual Age (RECLAIM) is a three-year project with the aim of studying the implications of post-truth politics on democracy in Europe. The project is managed by the Institute of International Affairs and led by Maximilian Conrad, Professor at the University of Iceland's Faculty of Political Science.


The RECLAIM project aims to put forward new definitions, methods and toolkits as to how to analyse and respond to various expressions of information disorder on today's democracy. The aim of the project is to analyse disinformation in Europe and use the results to advise on policy making, education and actions to react to the negative effect of disinformation on democratic discourse and the basic structure of modern liberal democracy.

RECLAIM Kick-off Conference

Friday 14 October at 13.00 - 16.30 in Veröld - House of Vigdís


Join us in a dialogue on the impact of disinformation on liberal democracy in Europe today. We will be focusing on the challenges caused by external factors and disruptive technologies while also examining the role that citizenship education and media literacy can play in mitigating the challenges to liberal democracy.

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