Small States and the New Security Environment

Nordic House, Reykjavik 26 June 2018



Policy briefs

Professor Baldur Thorhallson and Researcher Sverrir Steinsson
Professor and Research Director for the Centre for Small State Studies University of Iceland and NATO Project Country Director of SSANSE
The Theory of Shelter

Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe
Professor University of Loughborough
Rethinking the Cold War Small States- The US, Russia, and the Origins of Cooperation and Competition in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and the Arctic

Professor Robert P Wheelersburg
Professor Elizabethtown College
North Atlantic Small State Security, 2025 - NATO West Nordic Security Zone

Gustav Petursson
PhD Candidate University of Lapland, Finland
NATO´s Policy on Civil Resilience - Added Value for Small States?

Dr Steven Murphy
Post-Doctoral Researcher in the SSANSE Project-University of Iceland
European Small State Neutrals and NATO

Professor Alan Tidwell
Professor and Co-director of SSANSE-Georgetown University
Building Shelter in Washington - The Politics of Small State Engagement

Professors Anders Wivel, Rasmus Mariager,  and Clara Lyngholm K. Mortensen
University of Copenhagen
Denmark at War-Patterns and Developments in Denmark´s Military Engagement

Silja Bara Omarsdottir
Adjunct Lecturer and Post-Doctoral Researcher in the SSANSE Project
Risks and Threats in Small States - Icelanders' Perceptions of Security

Zivile Marija Vaicekauskaite
Young researcher in the SSANSE Project, Vilnius University
Security Strategies in the Nordic Baltic Region: Towards Enhanced Regional Defence Cooperation

Nearinga Bladaite
PhD Candidate in the SSANSE Project, Vilnius University
Building a Security Shelter Against Hybrid Threats and Systemic Challenges - Case of the Baltic States

Professor Martin Dangerfield
Professor University of Wolverhampton
Defence Policies of Small States in Central Europe - The Role of Visegrad Cooperation

Matus Misik
Assistant Professor Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
External Energy Policy of the EU- Small Member State Perspective

James Rogers
Assistant Professor War Studies, University of Southern Denmark
Small States and Armed Drones

Hillary Briffa
PhD Candicate Kings College London
Malta: Bridge of the Mediterranean-Neutrality as a Small State, Status Seeking Grand Strategy

Vahram Ter-Matevosyan and Narek Mkrtchyan 
American University of Armenia
Croatia and Armenia: A Comparison of Foreign and Security Policy Orientations of Two Small European States

Ryan Knight
MA Candidate in the SSANSE Project Georgetown University
Confronting Corruption and State Capture in Moldova

Professor Tinatin Khidasheli
PhD Candidate, Caucasus University, Tblisi, Georgia
Thinking Out Loud about NATO in Georgia and Georgia in NATO

Professor Ian Taylor
Professor at the University of St. Andrews
The Specific Security Challenges of Small States in Africa

Dr. Imad K. Harb
Director of Research and Analysis Arab Center Washington DC
Self Preservation and Strategic Hedging in the GCC

Brahim Saidy
Assistant Professor Quatar University
Quatar´s Defense Policy: A Different Tradition of a Small State

Professor Anne-Marie Brady
Professor and the Partner Country Project Director of SSANSE, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
A New Model for New Zealand-China Relations

Dr Rebecca Strating
Lecturer in Politics and Early Career Research La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
Balancing, Bandwagoning or Hedging? Small States and Security Alliances in the Asia-Pacific

Professor Stephanie Lawson
Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University Sydney, Australia
Contending Security Interests in Oceania

Toby Dalley
Young Researcher- University of Canterbury
The Dillemas of Energy Security for a Small State