Andriy Sadovyy

Andriy Sadovyi

Mayor of Lviv

Sadovyy has been actively engaged in development of independent media, as well as in public activities. He established the "City Development Institute" – a public organization which designed the first development strategy of Lviv. In 2006, he won the Lviv mayoral elections for the first time. Under his leadership, the city became a Ukraine’s center of culture and tourism. Lviv hosts dozens of international festivals and conferences, such as "Leopolis Jazz Fest", "Lviv IT Arena", "Lviv Media Forum" and others. In 2013, founded the ““Samopomich” Union” (“Self Reliance” Union”) party, which won elections to the Verkhovna Rada already in 2015, however, Sadovyy declined his MP position in favor of service in Lviv. In 2019, he decided to participate in the presidential elections of Ukraine, but later withdrew in favor of another candidate of united democratic forces. Following yet another mayoral elections victory in 2020, he is actively engaged in development of a new medical strategy of Lviv. Since the Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Andriy Sadovyy together with international and Ukrainian partners has initiated the launch of a large-scale "Unbroken" medical rehabilitation Center. This is a unique place, where adults and children affected by the war receive comprehensive qualified medical care, including modern prosthetics