Reykjavík Peace Days: Children in Icelandic Conflict Zones

In this podcast we discuss the situation of children in Icelandic society, what resources are available for children living in insecurity, and for those who have endured violence or neglect. What effect has COVID-19 had on the safety of children in Iceland? How can people help?

This episode was produced in collaboration with UNICEF in Iceland.

The podcast is in Icelandic and it is a part of the Reykjavík Peace Days 2020 podcast series produced in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, UN Women in Iceland, UNICEF in Iceland and the UN association in Iceland. The discussion takes place in the week of October 12 to October 16 and the goal is to attempt to define the terms gender-based and domestic violence, discuss the state of play locally, explore ways of improvement on a domestic and international level and discuss how Iceland can take the lead in fighting human rights abuses on the international arena.