17. May 2024

The Road to the White House: Polarization and the 2024 U.S. Election

Open seminar on Thursday, 23 May

Open seminar hosted by the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Iceland in collaboration with the US Embassy in Iceland, Thursday, 23 May from 12:00-13:00 in Oddi 101, University of Iceland

At this open seminar, Dr. James A. Thurber will discuss the sources, characteristics, and impact of partisan polarization in the US in the run-up to the 2024 election. The election is polarized with little consensus in America about the economic policy, abortion, immigration, Gaza, the Ukraine-Russia war,
environmental policy, threats to U.S. democracy, and U.S. foreign policy generally, among many other campaign issues. Dr. Thurber will focus on the presidential and congressional elections and the potential impact of the outcome of the election on governance.

Dr. James A. Thurber is a University Distinguished Professor of Government Emeritus, Founder and Former Director (1979-2016) of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University, Washington D.C. He is one of the most renowned scholars in the United States in his field and has
authored numerous books and over 90 scholarly articles on the American Congress, elections, and electoral processes.

Moderator: Silja Bára Ómarsdóttir, Professor of International Affairs, Department of Political Science, University of Iceland.

The seminar will take place in English and is open to all.