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The role of the Institute of International Affairs (IIA) is to provide education, promote research, and carry out service projects in the field of international relations. It aspires to serve both academic and professional needs and stimulate a general discussion on subjects relating to international affairs.


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Research centres

The Institute of International Affairs was established in 1990 but was expanded and re-structured with the creation of the Centre for Small State Studies in 2001. The Centre for Arctic Studies was launched in March 2013 and Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre, the newest addition to the Institute of International Affairs was established in October 2016. The Institute and the Centres are supervised by a joint Steering Board. All four centres are housed within the University of Iceland’s School of Social Sciences but with close links to the School of Humanities.


Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre

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Centre for Small State Studies

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Centre for Arctic Studies

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The Institute of International Affairs plans and carries out research on various subjects and hosts conferences, seminars, and lectures concerning international affairs. It offers various services to both the private and public sector, conducting surveys, writing reports, and carrying out research on a range of topics. It publishes books and papers on international relations and Icelandic foreign affairs. International cooperation and interdisciplinary discussions are important factors in the work of the IIA.


Governance of Small States

The course is designed to introduce postgraduate students to the realm of small state governance.

Project: TCDA

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Post-truth Politics Podcast: Episode 1

Capsule podcast: Fake news in a nutshell – what is it and how does it threaten democracy around the world?

Episode 1: The social media, misinformation, and politics researcher

What lessons can we learn from how different democracies try to tackle misinformation?

Bente Kalsnes, Associate Professor at the Department of Communication, Kristiania University …

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Brexit, the EEA and debunking myths about the Norway model

John Erik Fossum and Hans Petter Graver, ARENA Centre for European Studies at the University of Oslo

Project: PELEEA

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Time to talk about weapons of mass destruction

An article by Álfrún Perla Baldursdóttir published on the International day of Peace

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Ófriðurinn heima

An article by Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka Executive Director of UN Women in relation to Peace Days in Reykjavík

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Reykjavík Peace Days: Iceland's Voice in the International Arena?

In this podcast we discuss Iceland’s capability, as a small state, to take on a leadership role in the international arena. Does Iceland have a strong voice within the international society? How can we shape the discussion and lead actions to tackle gender-based violence, violence against children and promote sustainable …

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