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The role of the Institute of International Affairs (IIA) is to provide education, promote research, and carry out service projects in the field of international relations.


Research Centres

The Centre for Small State Studes, the Centre for Arctic Studies and Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre are all run under the auspices of the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Iceland.


Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre

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Centre for Small State Studies

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Centre for Arctic Studies

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The IIA aspires to serve both academic and professional needs and stimulate a general discussion on subjects relating to international affairs. To this end, the Institute plans and carries out a variety of different projects, conducts research on various subjects and hosts conferences, seminars, and lectures concerning international affairs. It offers various services to both the private and public sector.


Pragmatic and Wary of Change: Icelanders' Views on International Cooperation

This report provides an insight into the Icelandic people’s attitudes towards security and foreign affairs. The responses indicate a largely pragmatic view to economic cooperation, not necessarily challenging trading partners on political grounds when it might risk economic interests. This pragmatism also appears in attitudes towards the great powers, although …

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Superficial, shallow and reactive: How a small state news media covers politics

This article illustrates how the crisis of the news media is impacting political coverage in Iceland. Perceptions of routine political coverage in the Icelandic media have not been studied before, and this article fills this research gap and situates the Icelandic case within the wider news media crisis literature.

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COVID-19 Island Insights Series - Iceland

The COVID-19 Island Insights Series is an initiative spearheaded by the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law & Governance (SCELG) and the Institute of Island Studies (IIS) at the University of Prince Edward Island in collaboration with Island Innovation. The initiative brings together critical assessments of how specific islands around the …

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Iceland and Arctic Security: US Dependency and the Search for an Arctic Identity

Iceland and Arctic Security: US Dependency and the Search for an Arctic Identity

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International Law and Small States

This course is designed to introduce postgraduate students to the study of small states and international law.

Project: TCDA

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Geopolitics and Neglected Arctic Spaces: Three Northern Perspectives on Balancing External Interests

Finding a Niche for Iceland in the Post-Cold War Era

Margrét Cela and Pia Hansson

While the Arctic has been characterized more by cooperation than competition, recent events indicate that the tides may be turning. As attention turns north and the Arctic reenters the strategic calculations of great powers, spaces …

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