Service projects

Report on the quality of services to refugees and immigrants in Iceland
The Institute of International Affairs conducted an assessment report on the quality of services to refugees and immigrants in Iceland and potential opportunities for improvements. The first section of the report evaluates the status of refugees in Iceland today and explores their opinions on the services offered to them. The second section comprises analysis of interviews with specialists that work in the day- to- day integration of refugees, and a comparison of the refugee services available in Iceland compared to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The third section of the report looks at the division of responsibilities between ministries and institutions with regard to refugee and immigrant affairs, as well as proposed amendments with the aim of creating more consistent and efficient government.

Click here to read the summary of the main conclusions in english. For the full report in Icelandic, click here (published in 2017).

The Institute of International Affairs conducted an assessment report on the Iceland-EU accession negotiations in 2014. The Icelandic Confederation of Labour, the Icelandic Federation of Trade, the Confederation of Icelandic Employers and the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce commissioned the report.

The report focused on four key areas:

1. Economic and monetary affairs & free movement of capital
2. Fisheries, right of establishment and freedom to provide services
3. Agriculture and rural development & food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy
4. The status and future of the EEA agreement, including discussions on the developments taking place within the European Union since the accession negotiations with Iceland began in 2009

Click here to read the summary of main conclusions in English. For the full report in Icelandic, click here. (Published in 2014)

The Centre for Arctic Policy Studies has since spring 2013 managed a joint Nordic Master Programme. The project is about developing a joint master programme focusing on issues of particular relevance to the West Nordic Regions. This is an interdisciplinary programme entitled West Nordic Studies, Governance and Sustainable Management and one of its aims is to encourage mobility within the region. The consortium consists of five universities, University of Iceland, University of Akureyri, University of Greenland, University of the Faroe Islands and Nordland University, Norway. The programme will be launched in fall 2015. For further information visit