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Human Rights and the Role of Small States in the Global Arena

Brexit and its influence on Malta

The Nordic Countries, the Most Sustainable Region of the World?

Images and representations of small states in world politics

Democracy and Hybrid Threats

Brexit – Looking Forward

70 years of NATO and Iceland: A Strong Transatlantic Bond in an Uncertain World

Höfði Negotiation Boot Camp

Ten Years On: Reassessing the Stoltenberg Report

Future of Europe: A Spanish Perspective

LIST – Leadership in Small States

Ideological Origins of the New Political Class in Post-Communist Georgia

Armenia’s “Velvet Revolution” of 2018: A New Reality or Déjà Vu?

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Does Iceland Need Shelter? Exciting Seminar on Tuesday, Oct 23

Disinformation, Media and Democracy

Live streaming: Changed security environment of small states

Political Power in the Networked World

SAVE THE DATE! Small States and the New Security Environment, International Conference

NAS: Small States and the Changing Security Environment in Europe

The EEA and the EU’s relations with close European partners

VIADUCT – Enhancing Visibility of the Academic Dialogue on EU-Turkey Cooperation

Post-Brexit Europe: Lessons from the EEA (PELEEA)

Navigating the Storm: The Challenges of Small States in Europe (NAS)

Small States Summer School 2019

Call for papers. Small States and the New Security Environment, Reykjavik, 26 June 2018

Small States and the New Security Environment. First international conference, University of Canterbury 3-4 June 2017

Small States Summer School 2017

Rome Treaties’ 60th Anniversary

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Small State Security – New Research Project

New Security Challenges in the North Atlantic: Regional Perspectives

Small States Summer School 2017

NATO and Global Security Issues

Small States in Europe: Towards a Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Brexit Confidential

Season’s Greetings

Rethinking national security in the Nordic countries

Poland 2016 – Governance by Conflict

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25 Years Nordic-Baltic Cooperation

Russia today: Western Neighbours and Public Diplomacy

Fighting Tax Evasion: Open seminar with Torsten Fensby

Small States Summer School 2016

Dr. Jane Goodall in Iceland

A memorial service for Alyson JK Bailes

Brexit and its implications for Iceland, Ireland and the EU

In Memoriam: Alyson J.K. Bailes

Small States: Advancing International Status through Smart Governance

A new textbook on European Affairs

Participation in a new Jean Monnet Network project

Small States Winter School 2016 in Vilnius

Small States Summer School 2016

Small States Summer School awarded

Helsinki 40 plus: The OSCE and Small States

New publication: Nordic and Arctic Affairs: Small States in the Arctic: What Impact from Russia-West Tensions?

Recent developments and upcoming events

A Unified Effort: Strategic and Military Challenges in Northern Europe

Threats to Freedom of Expression in Media and on the Internet

Scotland and Iceland: Crisis, Flux & Constitutional Change

Small States Summer School 2015

Open seminar June 2: The Effects of Climate Change on the Ocean Biosphere

Open seminar May 21: Towards More Union in European Defence

Open seminar May 15: Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

Open seminar May 11: Germany’s vision for Europe: Challenges and Prospects

Open seminar May 8: The future of the EEA agreement

Open seminar March 3: Animal Welfare in Iceland and Europe

Small State Studies Graduate Diploma: Small States and European Integration

Small States Summer School 2019

Nordic Cooperation on Civil Security – open morning seminar

Open seminar: Do bureaucracies kill creativity? The experience of the European Council

Small states in Europe: Slovenia and its position within the EU

STREAMING: Open seminar on October 20: The Case of Catalonia

The Centre for Small State Studies awarded a large Erasmus+ grant

Open seminar at the Nordic house on September 10: Scotland’s Choice: Independence or Union?

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Open seminar: Small States and Governance

Small States Summer School and an open seminar focused on small states and governance

New short analytical papers focusing on small states

Centre for Small State Studies – Programme and Research Director

Blue lagoon

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Small States Summer School

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Small States Summer School

Highlights of the year 2013

The Centre for Small State Studies at the University of Iceland becomes a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

Norm Entrepreneurship and Norm Advocacy: Small State Strategies in the EU

Voices off? The impact of MEPs from small states in a post-Lisbon European Parliament

Iceland needs shelter – an article by Baldur Thorhallsson

New publication: The Role of Small Powers in the Outbreak of Great Power War is now available online

The impact of EU policies on the language of small states

CSSS Publication Series: Does a Small State Need a Strategy?

CSSS Publication Series: A Small Member State and the European Union´s Security Policy

CSSS Small States Summer School 2009

Small State Studies Graduate Diploma: Small States and European Integration

Small State Studies Graduate Diploma: Small States and European Integration

Small State Studies Graduate Diploma: Small States and European Integration

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