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Human Rights and the Role of Small States in the Global Arena

The Nordic Countries, the Most Sustainable Region of the World?

The role of the public in monitoring and researching the ecosystem

Democracy and Hybrid Threats

The “Trump-Greenland story”: only the tip of the iceberg

Strengths, Well-Being and Engagement of Youth in the Arctic

70 years of NATO and Iceland: A Strong Transatlantic Bond in an Uncertain World

Postcards from the Ice Silk Road: Deepening Sino-Russian Cooperation in the Arctic

Strengthened leadership in troubled times: Iceland’s role at the UN Human Rights Council

Höfði Negotiation Boot Camp

Ten Years On: Reassessing the Stoltenberg Report

Peace and security in the Arctic

Arctic Governance in a Changing World

Future of Europe: A Spanish Perspective

Warning Call from the High North: The urgency of the 1.5°C goal

The Arctic Council and “Law-making”

Centre for Arctic Policy Studies at the Arctic Circle

The Paris Agreement – two years later: What has been accomplished and what needs to be done?

Political Power in the Networked World

SAVE THE DATE! Small States and the New Security Environment, International Conference

Arctic Indigenous Peoples: A Dialogue and Perspectives on Common Concerns for Sustainable Societies

The movement of glaciers – Erich von Drygalski’s expeditions to the west coast of Greenland (1891, 1892-1893)

Elections in Greenland

China’s Arctic Policy – The Belt and Road Initiative into the Nordic Countries

Island Autonomies

Mediating Environments

China’s Belt and Road in the Arctic: Perspectives from Iceland and Greenland

Call for papers. Small States and the New Security Environment, Reykjavik, 26 June 2018

Putting the North Atlantic back into NATO

Peace and Security in the Arctic. Open seminar at Reykjavík University, lecture room M208 10th of May from 10:00 to14:00

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New Publication: Innovative Ideas for the Arctic: Arctic Circle Assembly Conference Paper

New Security Challenges in the North Atlantic: Regional Perspectives

NATO and Global Security Issues

Why a Greenlandic state would not become independent

Season’s Greetings

Rediscovering the military importance of Iceland and the North-Atlantic Area

Things heating up in Greenland

Rethinking national security in the Nordic countries

Food Security in the Arctic: Some Lessons from Nunavut

Arctic Circle: Arctic University Cities

Icelandic National Security in the Post IDF-Era

Arctic Circle: Climate Refugees, Diaspora and Tourism in the North Atlantic Gateway to the Arctic

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The Centre for Arctic Policy Studies at the Arctic Circle

20th anniversary of the Arctic Council

Geo-Politics and Strategy in Europe: The role of Russia, NATO, and the North

Dr. Jane Goodall in Iceland

Follow-up to COP21: next steps for the EU and Iceland

An Integrated European Union Policy for the Arctic

A memorial service for Alyson JK Bailes


In Memoriam: Alyson J.K. Bailes

Open seminar: The Role of Non-Arctic States in Emerging Polar Security

New Arctic project receives funding from the Joint Committee for Nordic research councils

Realities and Perceptions – Challenges to Society and the Media and How They Can Be Overcome

New publication: Nordic and Arctic Affairs: Small States in the Arctic: What Impact from Russia-West Tensions?

New publication: Chinese Chess in the Wild West: How Icelanders view the growing Iceland-China relationship

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The 2015 Trans Arctic Agenda merges with the 8th NRF Open Assembly

Security Challenges in the High North: Norwegian Perspectives

Arctic War or Arctic peace? Open seminar with Michael Byers

The West Nordic Studies masters programme

Publications on Russia and Arctic cooperation

Arctic Circle Assembly 2014 – University of Iceland Student Briefings

Seminar on Arctic Encounters at THE DYNAMICS OF DARKNESS IN THE NORTH

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Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change in the Arctic and Beyond

A new joint nordic master programme in West Nordic Studies

Open seminar December 1: Elections in Greenland

The Trans-Arctic Agenda seminar

Seminar: China’s emerging Arctic Policy

Claiming the North: (Re-)territorializing the “Westnordic Arctic”

New CAPS publication: China’s Emerging Arctic Strategies: Economics and Institutions by Marc Lanteigne

New publication: The Case for Arctic Governance: The Arctic Puzzle

Upcoming seminar: The Trans-Arctic Agenda – October 28 and 29 in Reykjavík

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Singapore and the Arctic

Visiting researcher at CAPS: Dr. Jesse Hastings

Greenland and Iceland: meeting place of global powers in the Arctic

A new CAPS publication by Ingmar Oldberg

Open seminar June 2: The EU and the Arctic

Security in the Arctic: New Perspectives

A Place in the World. Iceland in the Imperial World Order and the New North Atlantic Region

Recent publication: The West Nordic Council in the Global Arctic

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Seminar on tourism and identity in the Arctic

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Nordic States in the Arctic – Conference October 16

Seminar: Greenland and the High North on Tuesday, 13th September

28th September: The future history of the Arctic: gold rush or a new cold war?