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Human Rights and the Role of Small States in the Global Arena

Brexit and its influence on Malta

The Nordic Countries, the Most Sustainable Region of the World?

The role of the public in monitoring and researching the ecosystem

China-US Relations and the Trade War: Loud Diplomacy and Quiet Agendas

Images and representations of small states in world politics

Propaganda 2.0

Democracy and Hybrid Threats

The “Trump-Greenland story”: only the tip of the iceberg

Brexit – Looking Forward

Strengths, Well-Being and Engagement of Youth in the Arctic

70 years of NATO and Iceland: A Strong Transatlantic Bond in an Uncertain World

Postcards from the Ice Silk Road: Deepening Sino-Russian Cooperation in the Arctic

Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre receives a grant to develop intensive courses in peace and conflict studies

Strengthened leadership in troubled times: Iceland’s role at the UN Human Rights Council

Höfði Negotiation Boot Camp

Ten Years On: Reassessing the Stoltenberg Report

Peace and security in the Arctic

Arctic Governance in a Changing World

Future of Europe: A Spanish Perspective

Warning Call from the High North: The urgency of the 1.5°C goal

LIST – Leadership in Small States

The Arctic Council and “Law-making”

Ideological Origins of the New Political Class in Post-Communist Georgia

The case of lethal Drones in Israel/Palestine

Armenia’s “Velvet Revolution” of 2018: A New Reality or Déjà Vu?

China and North Korea: A Swedish Perspective

Nordic Response to Geopolitical Changes

Security Challenges in Northern Europe

Practical Approaches to Disarmament in Uncertain Times

Watch the Seminar ‘Does Iceland Need Shelter’ Live Here

Does Iceland Need Shelter? Exciting Seminar on Tuesday, Oct 23

Centre for Arctic Policy Studies at the Arctic Circle

Challenges in addressing sexual violence – in conflict and beyond

The Paris Agreement – two years later: What has been accomplished and what needs to be done?

Israeli women’s struggles in peace and war

Disinformation, Media and Democracy

Live streaming: Changed security environment of small states

Political Power in the Networked World

SAVE THE DATE! Small States and the New Security Environment, International Conference

NAS: Small States and the Changing Security Environment in Europe

The Press in Palestine

Borders in Globalization

Arctic Indigenous Peoples: A Dialogue and Perspectives on Common Concerns for Sustainable Societies

The EEA and the EU’s relations with close European partners

The movement of glaciers – Erich von Drygalski’s expeditions to the west coast of Greenland (1891, 1892-1893)

Kickoff meeting in Norrköping

Elections in Greenland

China’s Arctic Policy – The Belt and Road Initiative into the Nordic Countries

Live streaming from our conference

Island Autonomies

Trade and Diplomacy in the 21st Century 100 years of thinking differently

Big Men and networks in African conflicts and their aftermaths

Mediating Environments

VIADUCT – Enhancing Visibility of the Academic Dialogue on EU-Turkey Cooperation

Post-Brexit Europe: Lessons from the EEA (PELEEA)

Navigating the Storm: The Challenges of Small States in Europe (NAS)

Small States Summer School 2019

Franco-German Relations – At the Centre of European Cooperation

Leadership in Troubled Times: Countering the Global Attack on Human Rights

China’s Belt and Road in the Arctic: Perspectives from Iceland and Greenland

Does Iceland support or oppose nuclear weapons?

An open seminar with Estonia´s President, Kersti Kaljulaid

Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre receives a grant

Live streaming from Höfði Reykjavík’s Peace Centre

Höfði Reykjavik Peace Centre’s International Conference

Germany votes: Merkel’s Fourth Term?

The Nature and Immorality of Collective Revenge

Life in North-Korea

Call for papers. Small States and the New Security Environment, Reykjavik, 26 June 2018

Putting the North Atlantic back into NATO

Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre receives a grant from Nordplus

Small States and the New Security Environment. First international conference, University of Canterbury 3-4 June 2017

Small States Summer School 2017

Philadelphia: A Welcoming City for Immigrants

Climate Change and Land Management in Uganda

Peace and Security in the Arctic. Open seminar at Reykjavík University, lecture room M208 10th of May from 10:00 to14:00

Rome Treaties’ 60th Anniversary

Research grants for young researchers

Ideals and Values in Education and Sports: Are We on the Right Track?

MA thesis research grants: Immigration, migration and refugees

Small State Security – New Research Project

Workshop with Cynthia Enloe

New Security Challenges in the North Atlantic: Regional Perspectives

The 2016 Human Development Report

Small States Summer School 2017

NATO and Global Security Issues

Integration of Refugees: Opportunities for Improvement

Small States in Europe: Towards a Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Brexit Confidential

Season’s Greetings

You are my heros

Rediscovering the military importance of Iceland and the North-Atlantic Area

The War in Syria

Rethinking national security in the Nordic countries

Poland 2016 – Governance by Conflict

US Elections: Opposing Views

Rethinking Peace and Power: The Opening of HÖFÐI Reykjavik Peace Centre

Icelandic National Security in the Post IDF-Era

Promoting Peace with the Power of Media

Upcoming events in the fall

25 Years Nordic-Baltic Cooperation

Russia today: Western Neighbours and Public Diplomacy

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger

20th anniversary of the Arctic Council

Geo-Politics and Strategy in Europe: The role of Russia, NATO, and the North

Fighting Tax Evasion: Open seminar with Torsten Fensby

Small States Summer School 2016

Dr. Jane Goodall in Iceland

Follow-up to COP21: next steps for the EU and Iceland

An Integrated European Union Policy for the Arctic

A memorial service for Alyson JK Bailes

Brexit and its implications for Iceland, Ireland and the EU

In Memoriam: Alyson J.K. Bailes

The Propaganda War against Terrorism

Johan Galtung: Positive and Negative Peace – A Peace Formula  

Small States: Advancing International Status through Smart Governance

The 2015 Human Development Report

Open seminar: The Role of Non-Arctic States in Emerging Polar Security

A new textbook on European Affairs

The EEA Agreement and Iceland’s obligations

Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Participation in a new Jean Monnet Network project

Small States Winter School 2016 in Vilnius

Small States Summer School 2016

Small States Summer School awarded

New Arctic project receives funding from the Joint Committee for Nordic research councils

The West and Russia: New Cold War? New Détente? Managing Rivalry?

Helsinki 40 plus: The OSCE and Small States

A New Era in Cuba?

The open seminar ‘Europe’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis’ has been cancelled

United Nations and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

The Science of Disaster Management

Realities and Perceptions – Challenges to Society and the Media and How They Can Be Overcome

New publication: Nordic and Arctic Affairs: Small States in the Arctic: What Impact from Russia-West Tensions?

Britain and the EU: the challenges ahead

New publication: Chinese Chess in the Wild West: How Icelanders view the growing Iceland-China relationship

Recent developments and upcoming events

Hiroshima: The Atomic Story

A Unified Effort: Strategic and Military Challenges in Northern Europe

Threats to Freedom of Expression in Media and on the Internet

Scotland and Iceland: Crisis, Flux & Constitutional Change

Small States Summer School 2015

Open seminar June 2: The Effects of Climate Change on the Ocean Biosphere

Open seminar May 21: Towards More Union in European Defence

Open seminar May 15: Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

Open seminar May 11: Germany’s vision for Europe: Challenges and Prospects

Open seminar May 8: The future of the EEA agreement

Night in Gaza: Open seminar on April 9

Open seminar April 10: EEA – State of Play and Future Challenges

Open seminar March 31: Cross-border healthcare in Europe

Open seminar March 26: Latvia – a small state with a big role

Interesting seminar on animal welfare

Open seminar March 3: Animal Welfare in Iceland and Europe

Small State Studies Graduate Diploma: Small States and European Integration

Open seminar January 12: Shadows of the Cold War?

The 2014 newsletter

Why income inequality puts democracy – and the global climate – at risk

A new joint nordic master programme in West Nordic Studies

Upcoming events at the Institute of International Affairs

Small States Summer School 2019

NO! The Ousting of Pinochet

Open seminar December 1: Elections in Greenland

The Trans-Arctic Agenda seminar

What Beijing Wants: The Next Phases of Chinese Foreign Policy

Nordic Cooperation on Civil Security – open morning seminar

Open seminar: Russia, the West and Ukraine: A New Cold War?

Open seminar: Do bureaucracies kill creativity? The experience of the European Council

Open seminar: Schengen’s Mediterranean border: Year of Horror

Small states in Europe: Slovenia and its position within the EU

New publication: The Case for Arctic Governance: The Arctic Puzzle

Upcoming seminar: The Trans-Arctic Agenda – October 28 and 29 in Reykjavík

STREAMING: Open seminar on October 20: The Case of Catalonia

Gender in Nordic Climate Policy: Does Equal Representation Make a Difference?

Open seminar on North Korea on October 16 in Lögberg 101

Open seminar October 14: U.S. Relations with India and China

Open seminar October 10: Practicing peace

Åland, a demilitarized zone in a new age of security

The Centre for Small State Studies awarded a large Erasmus+ grant

Open seminars and film screenings at the Nordic House – September 30 and October 1

Introducing the Human Development Report 2014

Open seminar at the Nordic house on September 10: Scotland’s Choice: Independence or Union?

Open seminar at the Nordic House on August 29: Scotland: A New Independent State in Northern Europe?

A new CAPS publication by Ingmar Oldberg

Open seminar: Small States and Governance

New short analytical papers focusing on small states

Open seminar June 5: Iceland, the EU and Climate Change

Open seminar June 2: A Secure Future – Powered by the Land

Open seminar June 2: The EU and the Arctic

Open seminar May 19: Human rights and the EU

Open seminar: Nationalism, identity and the EU

European affairs: Five open seminars in May and June

A Place in the World. Iceland in the Imperial World Order and the New North Atlantic Region

Recent publication: The West Nordic Council in the Global Arctic

Spring programme

Small States Summer School

Seminar on tourism and identity in the Arctic

Highlights of the year 2013

Project grants for Arctic research 2014

From Afghanistan to Syria and Beyond: A Post-Interventionist Era?

An Independent Scotland? A new Northern European small state

Nato now and in the future: Operations, missions, and challenges

The Globalization of Migration: the Case of Southern Countries

US Elections 2012: What´s Happening to Democracy?

The Centre for Small State Studies at the University of Iceland becomes a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

The UK Independence Party, the Conservatives and attitudes towards European integration in the UK

Has gender equality led to increased European integration?

Development of the EU’s fisheries policy – the Danish experience

Conference on disarmament June 3

Visit from the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies

Protectionism and liberalism? The single market and the EU‘s position in global affairs

The European Union: Differentiated integration or one size fits all?

Urmas Paet, Estonia´s Minister for Foreign Affairs, in an open lecture in Reykjavik

Barghouthi in an open lecture November 29 – Recordings from the event

The Wider Impact of the Euro Crisis – open lecture by Andrew Cottey

Recording from seminar on the EU´s regional policy and Iceland

Energy Security in Europe: Economic and Political Perspectives

Gender mainstreaming in Europe

US Elections – our two events so far in the media

The Crisis in Syria – what can be done?

Michael McGowan interviewed on national radio

The Radical Right and the Politics of Xenophobia in Europe. Thursday September 20th

Greenland’s state-building process in 2012: What’s new? Monday September 17th

New publication: Europe Dialogues 2011-2012

Constitutions of the EU and Nordic States: Multilevel Constitutional Order and Democratic Challenges

The Cod Wars Revisited – New documents from NATO

Symposium: British Foreign and Security Policies toward the Nordic Countries after the Second World War

Workshop in Stavanger, Norway

China and the Arctic – Video Recording

CSDP and Iceland

EU Enlargement and the Balkans

A seminar on International Aid, co-hosted with the Icelandic Red Cross

Developments in Global Governance: The Role of the G-20 and the EU

Constructive skeptics: The Adaptation of Estonia and Finland to EU Foreign and Security Policy

Norm Entrepreneurship and Norm Advocacy: Small State Strategies in the EU

Iceland and the EU´s Common Security and Defense Policy

Is the US Listening to Europe?

The EU as a Global Actor: Facing the Current Challenges

The Presidential Elections in Finland

Simon Bulmer on Germany and the EU – recording from the seminar

Central Bank Governor of Iceland on EU regulations

Palestinian Foreign Minister gave a lecture at the Nordic house

Arms trade from a European perspective: Challenging the normative power

Libya – A Post Mortem

Dr David Suzuki in Iceland! Saturday 1st October

Ríkisfang: Ekkert – Lecture: Is it possible to negotiate peace in Palestine? Wednesday, 21st September

Seminar: Greenland and the High North on Tuesday, 13th September

New publication! Death of an Institution: The end for Western European Union, a future for European Defence?

Towards an efficient EU membership – the case of Finland

The European Citizens´ Initiative

Voices off? The impact of MEPs from small states in a post-Lisbon European Parliament

Iceland needs shelter – an article by Baldur Thorhallsson

New publication: The Role of Small Powers in the Outbreak of Great Power War is now available online

Pre-presidency conference in Budapest

Monday November 8th: The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Development

Friday November 5th: National Initiatives and Referendums – Means to Strengthen Democracy.


Fifteen years on: Finland and Sweden in the European Union

11th October: The upcoming American Senate elections and the rise of the Tea Party movement

13th October: Crisis in Kyrgyzstan 2010: Lessons for European Security?

28th September: The future history of the Arctic: gold rush or a new cold war?

The impact of EU policies on the language of small states

EU as a defence alliance?

The Democracy Deficit within the EU

‘The Finnish Experience’ in the Nordic House

International Affairs: cooperation with the Institut für Europäische Politik in Berlin

Michael T. Corgan: What Does the US Mean When It Says “Security”

Open Lecture with MEP Diana Wallis

An Open Seminar: Alyson JK Bailes´ ‘Non-State Actors and Non-Military Security’

The United Nations´ Role in a Multipolar World

Sweden´s Experience: From the EEA to the EU

Russian Foreign Policy and NATO-Russia Relations

New Publication: The Future of Iceland in the Community of Nations

CSSS Publication Series: Does a Small State Need a Strategy?

Vladimir Spidla´s Speech

Beinta i Jákupstovu: Latest Developments in Faroese Foreign Affairs

Vladimir Spidla, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

CSSS Publication Series: A Small Member State and the European Union´s Security Policy

Andrew Cottey: Benefits and Costs of EU Membership

Olli Rehn: On the European perspective on Iceland and its bid for EU membership.

Iceland´s EU Membership Application: An article by Graham Avery

Olli Rehn, EU Commissioner for Enlargement

CSSS Small States Summer School 2009

Small State Studies Graduate Diploma: Small States and European Integration

Small State Studies Graduate Diploma: Small States and European Integration

Small State Studies Graduate Diploma: Small States and European Integration