One of the three main goals of the Institute of International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies is to increase the number and quality of courses on international affairs and small states in both undergraduate and graduate studies. To further that goal board members of the Institute and the Centre have actively participated in developing new courses, f.ex. the new master’s program in International Relations at the University of Iceland. Furthermore, the institutions have increased the possibilities of students and instructors for teaching and study exchange, run a yearly summer school and developed teaching material for publication on the Internet.

CSSS Summer School: Small States and European Integration

The Centre for Small States Studies has since 2003 offered an intensive program on Small States and European Integration every summer. The course runs for two weeks and is open for both Icelandic and foreign students. All lectures are held in English. Renowned scholars in the field of small states studies, from all over the world, have taught at the summer school. This course offers a unique opportunity for students to tap the brain of the best scholars in the field of both European studies and small states studies and get familiarized with the most recent information and researches.

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M.A. in International Relations

A new M.A. degree in International Relations is both practical and academic, aiming at educating students for working in the private and public sector as well as giving student the proper tools to continue their education and research. The degree offers a certain flexibility as students can choose between several areas of specialization. Most courses in the program are taught in Icelandic. Further information about the degree and the courses offered can be found here: M.A. in International Relations

Small State Studies: Small States and European Integration

The Faculty of Political Science and the Centre for Small States at the University of Iceland offer a graduate diploma (30 ECTS) in Small State Studies with a special focus on small states in Europe. The diploma offers a detailed study of small state theories based on the literature on the state and the international system. It also emphasizes the opportunities and constraints facing small states in Europe, i.e. how they are affected by and have responded to the process of European integration, new security threats, globalization and other domestic and international challenges.

Further information on the program: Small State Studies Diploma