MA thesis research grants: Immigration, migration and refugees

The Institute of International Affairs and the working group Academia and Multiculturalism, in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Interior, issue a call for applications for MA thesis research grants. Two 200.000 ISK grants will be awarded for papers focusing on immigration, migration and refugee issues.


In February the Institute of International Affairs published a report on the services that refugees and immigrants receive in Iceland, and potential opportunities for improvements. A brief summary of the report is available here. To encourage further research regarding refugees and immigrants in Iceland, two MA research papers focusing on these issues will be awarded grants.

Applications can be submitted through email to

Application deadline is April 21 2017.

The application must contain a clear description of the research, its objectives and benefits and how the research relates to the issues addressed in the report


For further information, please contact Auður Birna Stefánsdóttir, project manager at the Institute of International Affairs, email: or call the Institute of International Affairs  tel. 525-5262.