Brexit Confidential

Brexit Confidential

On June 23rd, Britain voted by referendum to leave the European Union. The vote and its consequences are re-shaping not only the political and economic fate of the West, but also the overall balance of global inter-state relations.

In this open seminar Hugo Brady will discuss how Britain’s departure happened and why – including an inside look into last-ditch negotiations to retain the UK as a member. He will conclude with a ‘think-in’ about what happens in the weeks and months to come.

Hugo Brady is a long-time analyst of Britain’s European debate and, since December 2014, an advisor to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, where all major EU decisions are made.

Moderator: Þórunn Elísabet Bogadóttir, Deputy Editor of Kjarninn.

The seminar will take place in English and is open to all.

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