You are my heros

The human rights hero, Moses Akatugba will give a talk at the Nordic House in Iceland on 16th November from 12:00-13:00.

The event is in English, free and open to everyone.

He will share his experience of police and military brutality in Nigeria, his 10 years behind bars and on death row, his long desired pardon which was the result of the Write for Rights campaign in 2014, where hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world took action on Moses behalf and the importance of fighting for the rights of others. In total 16.000 letters, sms-actions and postcards were sent from Iceland on Moses behalf.

Damian Ugwu, the lead researcher on civil and political rights at Amnesty International Nigeria, will accompany Moses on his visit to Iceland and also give a talk at the Nordic house about his research report Welcome to hell fire: Torture and other ill-treatment in Nigeria, on torture by the Nigerian police anti- robbery squad.