A new textbook on European Affairs

At the turn of the year, the IIA and the Centre for Small State Studies Studies published a new textbook on European Integration and Iceland’s participation in the European project. The book is primarily written for senior high-school students and undergraduates at the university level, but will also be made accessible to all those that wish to learn more about European integration and read up on Iceland’s many-sided relations with Europe since the integration process started. This is the first book of its kind in Icelandic and adresses a shortage of teaching material in Icelandic on the European integration.

The textbook, which is partly funded by a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence grant, consists of eight chapters, written by seven experts in European Studies. The book covers various aspects of European integration. Furthermore, a special focus is given to Iceland‘s participation in the European integration process throughout its history and on the position of small states within the EU.