The European Union: Differentiated integration or one size fits all?

Wednesday, April 3, from 12 to 13 in the Nordic House, Vivien Pertusot from Ifri in Brussels, will give a lecture on variable geometry in the EU. Hosted by the Institute of International Affairs, in collaboration with the Embassy of France, the EU Info Centre in Iceland and with support from the Jean Monnet Lifelong Learning Programme.

The European Union is afloat with concepts to define situations in which all member states would maintain different kinds of relationship with the Union. Those talks are not new, but they have gained traction. Inevitably, discussions on different degrees of integration collide with the principle of “ever closer Union” that has been ingrained in treaties. However, differentiated integration remains a fuzzy concept, which can lead to very different paths. What are the different concepts on table? What do they tell us about the future of the EU? And more importantly what could they entail politically and economically?

Vivien Pertusot is the head of Ifri in Brussels, a leading French think tank on international questions. He previously worked at NATO and Carnegie Europe. He also taught political science at University Lille 2. He has published in various outlets including Le Monde, Euractiv, Atlantico, Atlantic Community, RUSI, Carnegie Europe and The New Atlanticist.