The Crisis in Syria – what can be done?

Dr. Joseph Maila, Director of Policy Planning at the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, gave an open lecture at the University of Iceland on September 28th. Dr. Maila is a specialist in Islamic studies and an expert in international mediation.

The UN-Arab League joint mediation mission, led by Lakhdar Brahimi, is facing difficulties in proposing measures that would stop the internal violence and put an end to the massacres. Experts are doubtful that a solution can be found without bringing together all the internal components of the Syrian society along with the regional powers surrounding Syria.

Adressing all the dimensions of the Syrian crisis highlights the many issues at stake in the so called “Arab spring”.It furthermore emphasizes the responsibility of the international community and its failure to protect the Syrian population so far.

Joseph Maila

Dr. Joseph Maïla is Director of Policy Planning at the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He holds a PhD in Philosophy (1976) and Social Sciences (1992). He is a Visiting Professor at several universities (Montreal, Tarragona, Lyon). A specialist in Islamic studies and expert in international mediation, Joseph Maïla was a consultant for UNESCO in charge of establishing its International Centre for Human Sciences at Byblos (1997).

Sigríður Víðis Jónsdóttir, Information Officer at UNICEF Iceland, will participated in the discussion and moderated the event.