Greenland’s state-building process in 2012: What’s new? Monday September 17th

Monday September 17th from 12-13 at Lögberg 101.

 Dr. Damien Degeorges, Associate Researcher at the University of Greenland, will give a talk on Greenland´s state-building process.

Many things have happened since Greenland achieved Home Rule in 2009, and especially since it took over the management of its own natural resources in 2010. In a very short period of time, helped notably by a rising demand for strategic minerals such as ‘rare earth’ elements Greenland has gained some of the features of a state in the eyes of the outside world – even if it has a long way to go to formal and sustainable independence.

What are the current challenges in Greenland’s state-building process and in the Danish-Greenlandic relationship? How should we interpret the signs of China’s new activism in strengthening its relationship with Greenland? And how is the European Union reacting?

Commentator: Þórður Þórarinsson, Director of the West Nordic Council.

The lecture will be held in English.