Developments in Global Governance: The Role of the G-20 and the EU

Friday March 23th Juha Jokela, Programme Director for the European Union Research Programme at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, gave a lecture on developments in global governanc. The lecture was a part of the Europe Dialogues, the IIA´s seminar series spring 2012.

The increasing role of the G-20 is symptomatic for two current but conflicting trends in global governance. On the one hand, increasing interdependencies underline a joint management of common global challenges. On the other hand, global action and response have proven difficult to achieve partly because the number of important players on the world stage is increasing. These tendencies have been associated with the failure of multilateralism to tackle global challenges and crises. In the light of all this, the role of the informal forums such as the G-20 is a significant development. It reflects the turn towards a more multipolar world as well as recognition of increasing interdependence among the key actors. Against this background the presentation discussed the role of the EU in the changing context of global governance

A video recording of the event will be posted shortly.