Libya – A Post Mortem

The death of Colonel Qaddafi may only be the end of the beginning for Libya’s transformation, but it provides a good point to start reflecting on what has happened so far. Libya is the one place in the whole ‘ArabSpring’ where Western countries – NATO members acting under a UNResolution – have played a direct military role. Why was such action taken here and not elsewhere? Was it a deciding factor in the fall of Qaddafi’s regime? What lessons should NATO and the Europeans learn from it: and what more should we be doing to help Libya now?

Dr Andrew Cottey is a Senior Lecturer at University College, Cork (in Ireland), where he holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Integration. He is an expert on conflict management issues and military reform as well as European institutions, and his work has included detailed studies of the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan – making him well qualified to analyse all aspects of the Libyan crisis.

Dr Cottey’s lecture is presented by the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Iceland and co-sponsored by the English-Speaking Union of Iceland.  It adds a new topic to the series of talks the Institute has already hosted this autumn on issues of the Middle East and the Arab Spring. The event is free and all are welcome.