Pre-presidency conference in Budapest

The chairman of the board, Professor Baldur Thorhallsson, and director,
Pia Hansson, are attending a pre-presidency conference in Budapest
organized by the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA).

TEPSA recommendations for the upcoming Hungarian EU Presidency were
presented this morning, December 2, and in the afternoon several
workshops are organized on topics of utmost importance to the European
Union in the near future.

Baldur Thorhallsson, Jean Monnet Professor of Political Science and chair of the board of the Institute of International Affairs, will give a presentation on the ongoing negotiations between Iceland and the EU entitled: Iceland´s integration Takeoff: An End to EU Scepticism? in a workshop focusing on enlargement issues.

TEPSA established in 1974 is the first transeuropean research
network, comprising leading research institutes in European studies
throughout Europe.

The Institute of International Affairs was accepted as an associate member last spring.