Friday November 5th: National Initiatives and Referendums – Means to Strengthen Democracy.

On Friday November 5th, Ann-Cathrine Jungar, Associate Professor, Södertörn
University, and Bruno Kaufman, President of the Initiative and Referendum
Institute Europe (IRI), will give a talk on the topic “National Initiatives and
Referendums – Means to Strengthen Democracy” at the National Museum from 12-13.30.

Ann-Cathrin Jungar is Senior Lecturer at Södertörn University College. She completed her PhD at the Department of Government, Uppsala University. Her research focus is on democracy and forms of democratic government. She has studied political institutions such as national parliaments, governments and referenda in a comparative perspective, and how European integration affects the political systems of the member states. Her presentation on Friday is entitled “The European Development –  comparison of constitutional provisions initiatives  and referendums in European countries”.

Bruno Kaufman is a Swiss and Swedish citizen born in the northern part of Switzerland. He has worked with democracy, conflict and development issues since the mid-1980s. After a term with the Swiss Development NGO “Berne Declaration” he became the coordinator of a European citizens’network preparing a “transnational constitution with directdemocratic rights”. Ten years later Kaufmann became the first director of the Initiative & Referendum Institute Europe, a nonpartisan research and educational institute with headquarters at Marburg University (Germany). Kaufmann has served as an expert for numerous national governments and international organizations including the European Union, the German Parliament, the Council of Europe and International IDEA, where he joined the expert team on “global direct democracy assessment” in 2004. His presentation is entitled “The European experience- stories and lessons about nationawide inititatives  from across Europe”.

The lecture is held in English and open to all. Any questions can be directed to Pia Hansson, Director of IIA/CSSS, by email,, or by phone, 525 5262.