‘The Finnish Experience’ in the Nordic House

This seminar was presented by Dr. Jyrki Iivonen, a respected scholar, author and teacher, who has for a number of years influenced Finland’s security and defense policy. During the seminar he spoke of security and defense – past and present- including the political and economic dimensions of security.

Finland, with its five and a half million inhabitants, is considered to be one of the smaller European countries. The country’s history is filled with various problems ranging from violent conflict to economic difficulties. The endurance shown by the Finnish population in overcoming the many hardships has earned them immeasurable respect by partner states in the EU. The Finnish experience has shown that a clear policy is what really matters when states are faced by and have to overcome major obstacles. Thus, the question remains if other small states such as Iceland can learn from the Finnish experience?

After the presentation, Kristrún Heimisdóttir opened up the debate while Alyson Bailes wrapped up the seminar session.

Jyrki Iivonen