International Affairs: cooperation with the Institut für Europäische Politik in Berlin

The Institute of International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies has begun working with the IEP (Institut für Europäische Politik) – the editor and publisher of the annual EU-27 Watch Report.

The aim of the EU-27 Watch Report has been to monitor debates on EU policy by
providing a rich set of material compiling national debates on European policy,
including the attitudes of prospective members.

The report has been published nine times, however, this is the first time Iceland has
been asked to provide an update on Icelandic sentiments to EU membership. Pia
Hansson and Baldur Þórhallsson wrote the Icelandic part of the report on behalf of the IIA. The Institute for International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies are very pleased and excited to cooperate with the IEP as part of a larger European political network.

The EU-27 Watch report can be found here, as
well as the overall report in addition to reports from previous years.