Open Lecture with MEP Diana Wallis

Diana Wallis, Vice President of the European Parliament, returns to Iceland in February to talk in an open seminar hosted by the Institute of International Affairs, Thursday February 18 at 12:00 at Askja. Ms. Wallis talks about Icesave, Iceland and the EU and ponders whose debt it is anyways. The seminar is held in English and open to all.Diana Wallis was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999 and subsequently re-elected in 2004. She has been a Vice President of the Parliament since December 2006. Ms. Wallis has always had an interest in the Nordic region and in September 2004 was elected President of the Parliament´s Delegation to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland and the EEA Joint Parliamentary Committee, a post she held until September 2007. She remains an ordinary member of the Delegation.

Ms. Wallis is the author (along with Stewart Arnold and Ben Idris Jones) of the book “Forgotten Enlargement: Future EU Relations with Iceland, Switzerland and Norway”. The book had been such a success that a second edition was written which was launched in Iceland in October 2004.

Ms. Wallis has represented the European Parliament in meetings of the Nordic Cuncil, the Baltic Sea Parliamentarians Conference and the Standing Committee of Arctic Parliamentarians. She has visited the Arctic on many occassions over the past few years and has been campaigning for the European Commission to develop a cross-cutting Arctic policy.