An Open Seminar: Alyson JK Bailes´ ‘Non-State Actors and Non-Military Security’

For the third year in a row, Alyson Bailes in the Department of Political Science at HÍ will be giving a course this term on ‘Non-State Actors and Non-Military Security’ which is fully open to the public. No payment or registration is needed and outside guests are encouraged to drop in for as many sessions as they wish.The course is part of HÍ’s MA in International Relations and consists of 13 lectures all starting at 1320 Fridays in room 311 at Árnagarður. The first session is on 22 January and there is one week’s break for Easter. Students which are not registered for the course can find the course material and further information on the course at the Institute of International Affairs´ website, see

The Centre for Small State Studies would also like to draw attention to a newly published paper in its Publication Series called “Does a Small State Need a Strategy?”, by Alyson JK Bailes. The online version of the paper can be found here: Does a Small State Need a Strategy?