Andrew Cottey: Benefits and Costs of EU Membership

Andrew Cottey, Senior Lecturer and Jean Monnet Chair in European
Political Integration in the Department of Government at University
College Cork, gives a talk named “Benefits and Costs of EU membership: A
Perspective from Ireland and the UK”. Andrew will offer his personal
perspective on the question of costs and benefits of EU membership as
an input to the current Icelandic debate on EU entry. As a UK citizen
living and working for several years in Ireland he has had a unique
opportunity to observe the issue from the perspectives of both a
larger, and a smaller, member state.

Andrew Cottey´s previous appointments included a NATO Fellowship and
research posts at the International Institute for Strategic Studies
(IISS) and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
(SIPRI). He is a specialist in international relations, security and
defence, and European politics and has published widely on these
themes, including a volume on ‘Security in the New Europe’ that has
become a set book for teaching International Politics at the University
of Iceland.

The meeting will be conducted in English, is free of charge, and all are welcome.